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Of all the critical parts of the average vehicle, one of the most neglected is the tires. Your vehicle's tires do a lot more than just keep your rims from grinding into the pavement. Well-maintained tires give you a smoother ride, optimize gas mileage, and reduce wear and tear on your vehicle over the long haul. Good tires are extremely important with Montana's ever-changing weather, where snow and ice are frequent. Here at Butte Auto's Butte Subaru, centrally located on the I-15 and I-90 corridor, we provide tire services to Southwest Montana - Anaconda, Deer Lodge, Dillon, Whitehall, and beyond.

Of all the critical parts of the average motor vehicle, one of the most neglected is the tires. But your car's tires do a lot more than just keep your rims from grinding into the pavement. Well maintained tires give you a smoother ride. They help optimize your miles per gallon, and they will reduce wear and tear on your car or truck over the long haul. Here at Butte Subaru in Butte, Walkerville, and Whitehall, MT- our state-of-the-art Subaru tire center has everything you need to keep your tires in good condition all year long.

Butte Subaru Tires Services

There's a lot that goes into taking good care of your tires, and the tire experts at our tire sales and services center do it all.

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Proper tire alignment is the process of making your tires straight in relation to one another, the chassis, and with the forward motion of the vehicle. This involves measuring and adjusting the camber, caster, and toe.

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Flat Tire Repair

Just because a tire has suffered a puncture, slow leak, or other types of damage- doesn't always mean that it needs to be replaced. We can repair most flat tires, allowing you to save money instead of replacing the tire before its time.

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Tire Rotation

Moving tires from one wheel to another is an important way to spread out normal tire wear. This lets you prolong the life of your tires, and to get the most out of your tire investment.

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Tire Pressure Monitor Services

Most modern vehicles feature a tire pressure monitor. This lets you know whether your tires are at optimal inflation, or if the air levels need adjustment. Sometimes this device falls out of calibration. Our trained technicians can get your pressure monitor back in good working condition.

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Tire Balancing

Sometimes confused with alignment, tire balancing means measuring and counterbalancing imperfections in the centrifugal balance of your wheels. This is why some vehicles have small weights around the rims of the wheels.

Tire Sales and Services in Butte, MT

When you work with the tire pros at Butte Subaru, you can rest assured that our highly trained and certified tire technicians will provide you with the right parts and the right service to keep you on the road safely all year long.

Stop by today, call, or contact us online to learn more about your tires, and schedule your tire maintenance appointment.

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